Delaware County Veterans Memorial

Veterans Education Programs Grades K-12


The Delaware County Veterans Memorial has developed programs to educate students of all ages to the history of our Military, Government, and most importantly the men and women who gave of themselves to protect our freedoms!

Curriculum based according to guidelines set forth by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

K-12 grade level appropriate programs designed for both in-classroom and on-site visitation.

Taught by Veterans, educators, historians, and civic leaders.

FREE of charge to all participants - program is fully donations supported.

All program materials are provided as well as bus transportation to and from the Memorial.

Opportunity to tour the Delaware County Courthouse as part of the program.

Introduces students to hands-on lessons in Civics and History.

Understanding of the Memorial and its symbolism.

Volunteer opportunities available.


For information or to schedule a program contact us at:

610-400-8722 or

"Delaware County Veterans Memorial in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania education mission  is to educate, encourage, motivate, and to inspire all students and citizens to acquire knowledge and skills in order to protect our history, liberty, and freedoms, made affordable to us by those who served and/or gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country."